President Marlene Marlow

​​​Dear Sisters & Brothers of the 4287 Auxiliary,


Merry Christmas to all Sisters & Brothers of the 4287Auxiliary,

With the Holidays approaching we have been very busy assisting Santa with collecting and buying toys for about 60 children at this writing. We are hoping to make these holidays Merry & Bight for as many children as we can. We are a wonderful organization with a lot of projects throughout the year. These projects are to help with assisting our Veterans, Families and the Community. Your support is always welcome the more we work together the more we can accomplish and get done. 

If you have not paid your dues for 2019 Please do so by Dec 20th. If your dues lap’s you will have to reapply and show proof of eligibility and gain. We need everyone who is a member to stay a member in good standings, to stay a member in good standing you need to pay your dues 

Remember our meeting night was the 3rd Monday of the month.The January meeting is on the 28th , due to MLK Brithday.

This month’s meeting is Jan 28th can’t wait to see everyone. As you know I missed last meeting as I was in Ohio with family (nearly froze to death) Happy to be back. Now we are in the season to do what we strive do all year have “goodwill and kindness” to all. We live in a great country and are truly blessed to be here. Read your calendar for all the Post & Auxiliary-Holiday festivities. 

May God bless Our Veterans, Our Troops Our Families & America

I hope everyone has a Blessed Holiday Season & a Very Happy New Year 

             Loyally Marlene Marlow Auxiliary President 2018-20

From the VFW Auxiliary Treasurer


Season’s Greetings,

Here we are again, at the end of another calendar year. (Remember the Auxiliary year is from July1 to June31) It has been a very active year in the Auxiliary.  We have seen many changes in Post also. 

First and foremost, we have had a busy year going to and doing for our VA hospitalized Veterans. Again, we are still helping to keep the pantry at the local school and the Lake Baldwin panty supplied for the homeless. We donated to help assist the people in the Panhandle who were hit by hurricane Michael. Now the auxiliary is in the middle of having renovating to the bathrooms and part of the bingo hall, we have helped up grade the kitchen with some new appliances. We have been here to assist some of our members who have had a major illness. We can only do these things with a strong membership. At the time of this posting we are 12 members short of being 100%, we started out great and I was sure we would have all our members’ dues paid by now. This is a very special organization and if you already have a membership please keep it active, if you need assistance to stay active, we are here to help and assist you. Things have changed and if you do not pay your dues by Dec 31st you will have to reapply for membership. Please get your dues in to me by Dec 20th as National will be closed for the holidays until after the 1st. Lastly this year we lost some of our members who were busy members and will be truly missed. We do need more members to volunteer.

In closing I want to remind you all we are a small part of a greater thing our loved ones fought and died for. It is our responsibility to keep it growing. To keep teaching love of country and patriotism!  If you know a friend, or a loved one who may be eligible to join us please ask them to apply for membership in this great organization. I’m here to help you in anyway I may. I hope everyone has a “Happy, Healthy and Holy 2018 Holiday Season” God bless America and all the freedoms we enjoy because of the Brave!